BREAKER (2006)
I initially wrote Breaker as a short story. I was interested in the success of two pieces of provocative art: Gunther von Hagen's Bodyworlds and Marcus Harvey’s portrait of Myra Hindley. Both exhibitions had sold out, despite a wealth of negative publicity. We are appalled by immoral deeds yet simultaneously fascinated by their artistic representation, which puts the artist into an interesting position. I was keen to write a story that explored this theme of moral responsibility.

For the story to work, the film had to look real. This meant being as true to the creative space and living environment of a working artist as possible. The artistic community in Deptford was fantastic in this respect, the generosity of Creekside Artists and the Artistes Collective enabled us to incorporate working studios and gallery space. 

We shot in black and white to help establish the dark tone of the film but also to bring out the textures from the visually rich environment we would be shooting in. The scenes in the streets were especially difficult, we had to move quickly to get the shots we needed and it is a testament to the skill of the cast and crew that we managed to achieve this.

The project was funded by rather unorthodox means: internet poker!

Adam Burton
John Webber
Guy Henderson
Suresh Sippy

Director of Photography Ed Rutherford
Produced by Fiona Brownlie
Written by Nick Scott