THE OTHER HALF (2007) - a straight8 film
A couple of years ago a Russian friend of mine gave me an old Russian super8 camera that still had a film in it. The film cartridge was reloadable, which I had never seen before. This made me think it might be possible to make a split screen straight8. It’s a long story... check out the making of documentary below.

The story is simple: A couple reminisce about lost love and try to convince themselves that they are better off with out each other. Unconvincingly.

This film was made in accordance with the rules of straight8. The film was shot in sequence on a single roll of super8 film. No editing, no re-takes. The film was a straight8 winner in 2007 and was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Man - Jonathan Rhodes
Woman - Lucy Chalkley

Straight8 collaborators - Fiona Brownlie, Clive Ashenden, Afo Kuti, Laura Smith, film lab