RELEASE (2012)
Release is the second in the States Trilogy - three character based short films, the first of which was Resolve. The trilogy provided an opportunity to collaborate on a character with Alexis Rodney. Alexis has the rare ability to communicate a lot by doing very little, and I was keen to develop a scenario that would let us tap into this. I also wanted to shoot in Shunt vaults under London Bridge station before it closed. The club filled the huge arches with installations and performance artists, and it gained a huge following during the short time it was open. I wanted to make something which captured the energy of the club and the darkness of its location. We shot in Shunt on the very last day of its existence and the actors did brilliantly to feed off the buzz, whilst also bringing a tenderness to their performances.

In a similar way to Resolve, Release deals with a character who is seeking something without knowing exactly what is going to happen when they find it. Mike Bates’s fantastic photography made fantastic use of the light and spaces to add another dimension to the film. 

Alexis Rodney
Amanda Morgan
Meneer Tuur

Director of Photography Mike Bates
Costume Designer Suzanne Barnes
Music Natalie HoltResolve.html