RESOLVE (2010)
The film evolved from a single scene: A woman driving down a street looking up at the house numbers. She finds the house she’s looking for, then stops, reverses back up the road, parks and waits. It was only an idea for a scene but I liked this way of introducing a character and put it on the shelf until I worked out what to do with her. 

I saw the scene playing out in a long unbroken take, shot in close profile to draw the audience in. To tell the story with no dialogue would require an actor with a strong presence, I knew soon after meeting Ingrid and watching a couple of her scenes, that she would be able to bring the right level of intensity to the performance. She is incredible to watch on screen. But the film was still no more than a scene, which made for a rather a strange proposition to an actor. Fortunately Ingrid is a progressive artist and when I approached her with a third of a short film, she was interested in collaborating to make something out of the character. We met a few times, we’d discuss some options and I’d go away and write. Fairly soon we had a script that we were happy with. 

I also wanted to work with photographer Mike Bates, who did a phenomenal job. Mike shoots mostly stills and had never shot video before but he has a fantastic eye and frames a very bold image, so I was really interested to see what he would come up with. The film is a collaboration between all three of us.

Release is the first film in the States Trilogy of character based short films,

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal 
Alexis Rodney
Sam Sears

Director of Photography Mike Bates
Camera Assistant David Alexander 
Produced by Nick Scott and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
Written by Nick Scott
Editor Gareth C. Scales