SNAILS (2010)
Producer Bob Ford and I have tried to work together several times. On each occasion, fate conspired against us, either a very similar film came out to what we were planning (Waterlillies) or we just missed out on film funding (Microwave). Eventually we found the right time and project, and it was fantastic to finally shoot something with Bob after working in development for so long.

In winter, you often hear of children getting swept away during storms. There are also, unfortunately, instances where an adult had dived in to save them, only for the child to survive but the adult drown. I was interested in how a child might deal with this situation and this guilt, especially if it was a family member who had died. I was also interested to tie the story in with the parental theme of how much freedom we should give our kids. 

Gavin - Ally Curry
Rachel - Heather Bleasdale
Father - Simon McLinden

Director of Photography - Neus Olle Soronellas
Producers - Bob Ford, Jacob Swan Hyam
Editor - Miikka Leskinen