VISIONS OF JACK (2009) - a straight8 film
This film was made in accordance with the rules of straight8. The film was shot in sequence on a single roll of super8 film. No editing, no re-takes.

Kerouac’s first draft manuscript for ‘On the Road’ is almost as legendary as the book itself. Typed in a fortnight in 1951, on a continuous, 120ft long scroll that he taped together from tracing paper sheets so his flow wouldn’t be disrupted by having to change the page in his typewriter. I loved this story and was excited about the opportunity to see the scroll, which was being exhibited for the first time in the UK. Making a straight8 about this journey seemed an obvious way to document the trip because the straight8 rules mean the film is shot in one continuous 50ft roll of super8, and by doing so spontaneously, hopefully we could achieve something that was a fitting tribute to the scroll, and to Jack himself.

Sebastien Plappert is a brilliant writer from Berlin and a friend of mine. I rang him up late one night explained what I was doing and that I needed some spontaneous commentary for the film. Sebastien knows ‘On the Road’ inside out. It had a small influence on his life and writing style, although secondary to other writers, and he soon started reeling off some amazing stories about the time he first read the book. Seasoned straight8ers Fiona Brownlie and Paul Lewis collaborated during our road trip to Birmingham and the rest is history.

VoJ was a straight8 winner in 2009 and was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.http://www.straight8.netshapeimage_7_link_0